1st Hole

An attractive shot to start the round of golf. An elevated tee looks down on a clover shaped green protected by a deep bunker to the front right. Shots slightly to the left are benefited by a natural hill that pushes the ball down to the green.

2nd Hole

A high tee looks down on a small green on two levels. Threatened on the right by a water obstacle and out of bounds to the left, a chip aiming to be slightly short of the flag will allow for a slightly easier uphill putt on what can be a fast green.

3rd Hole

A difficult hole that requires a precise shot to reach a long narrow Green protected by out of bounds on both sides of a narrow fairway and with bushes between tee and Green.

4th Hole

A tee shot distinguished by the height of the tee above the Green. The Green is protected by a bunker to the left and with bushes and a large oak tree to the front right  accuracy of distance is essential.

5th Hole

The most difficult hole on the course. The longest of the course at 149mts this hole requires distance and accuracy. With out of bounds and water to the left and dense bushes in the area of approach the only area with some room for manoeuvre is the right where a steep slope guides towards the Green.

6th Hole

The Tee is raised above a small green that well protected by the lake on the left hand side, a small stream on the right and a bunker to the back.

7th Hole

A very picturesque hole protected by a lake on the left and a bunker to the right. The Green is large with shots to the right being helped by a gentle slope that can carry the ball towards the Green.

8th Hole

A short hole well protected by bunkers and with a Green on two levels. The position of the flag on the higher part of the green demands accuracy and with severe gradients this is one of the more challenging Greens.

9th Hole

A slightly elevated green very well protected by a big and deep bunker on the right hand side. With rough on the left and  a second bunker at the back of the Green it is difficult to save Par if not accurate with the first shot. Situated in  front of the club house this is one of the faster Greens.